Fire Safety Upgrade Audits

Talk to our expert fire protection consultants. We can help you achieve complete legislative and regulatory compliance for your project.

All building owners are responsible by law for the maintenance and certification of the fire safety equipment in their building.

Keeping the public safe and protecting adjoining properties from fires are fundamental requirements of building regulations. Ensuring a current building is safe requires the submission of an annual fire safety statement to your local Council.

An upcoming project, on the other hand, requires a development application to be submitted. The council must provide fire safety recommendations before the development can be approved for alterations &/or additions to existing buildings.

East Coast Approvals Group can assist with achieving the high standards of fire safety required for all existing buildings and planned developments. Our team of capable fire safety consultants can assess the building and provide advice for your building.

Fire Safety Upgrade/Orders

When a development application (DA) is submitted to the local council, the council can order the owner to upgrade the building plans to meet fire safety standards. The purpose of this is to:

  • Increase the safety of occupants within the building in the event of a fire
  • Ensure compliance with statutory requirements
  • Ensure that the maintenance and use of a building does not create a fire hazard
  • Ensure access is available for emergency services and ease of exit for tenants

In this case, East Coast Approvals Group will provide recommendations on how to achieve acceptable levels of fire protection.

Contact our expert team to organise a fire safety consultation. We can help ensure your building is safe and accessible.