Access Consultancy

East Coast Accessibility Pty Ltd specialises in commercial, residential, industrial, health and education developments.

In Australia, 20% of people are living with a disability. This clocks in at around 3.96 million people and this statistic is expected to increase as the population ages.

Anti-discrimination laws and building control regulations make it against the law to discriminate against someone on the grounds of their disabilities. In turn, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requires access to be provided at all levels of buildings, facilities, and services, so the entire public has complete access at all times.

East Coast Accessibility has a qualified Access Consultant, Jazmyn Stol, who can ensure that a proposed building will meet the requirements for access in the Building Code of Australia. We achieve positive results through our dedication to creating solutions for problems that arise during the design or construction process.


Contact Jazmyn, our expert Access Consultant. She can guide you through the certification process.

You can contact Jazmyn on her mobile 0418 985 617 or via email