Building Certification

Our registered team of building surveyors will provide Efficient and reliable service throughout your project

Building compliance is an essential component of the planning and construction process.

The Process

Registered certifiers determine applications for Decision Notices, Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certificates when they are appointed as the registered certifier for the development by the owner.

A registered certifier carries out critical stage inspections during construction to ensure the building work is in accordance with the development consent and legislative requirements.

At the end of construction, the property owner must apply to the registered certifier for an Occupation Certificate or Certificate of Occupancy. They will conduct a final inspection and issue this certificate if satisfied that the building is suitable for occupation or use.

A building must not be occupied or used without an occupation certificate.

East Coast Approvals Group can help guide you through the assessment and application process. We have an experienced team of certifiers and building surveyors, meaning we can assist onsite and provide advice from planning to the completion of construction.

Streamline the building process by talking to one of our private certifiers. Contact us today.

Complying Development Certificates

Our team can help achieve efficient building approvals with expert advice regarding complying development certificates.

Construction Certificates & Decision Notices

East Coast Approvals Group has an extensive team of Registered Certifiers who can assist with construction certification.

Occupation Certificates & Certificates of occupancy

Our qualified certifiers can assist in the process of achieving occupation certification.