About Us

History of East Coast Approvals Group

East Coast Approvals Group Pty Ltd has a proud history as a leading private building certification consultancy.

Our team of Registered Certifiers offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of building surveying and building certification. They can apply this expertise to all classes of buildings and developments across the whole spectrum of the industry, as well as fire-engineered performance solutions and strata certification.

If you require a registered certifier for your development project, East Coast Approvals Group is with you every step of the way. We understand how important time management is in the construction industry and our focus is on delivering timely advice & approvals to manage effective building construction timelines whilst maintaining code compliance.

We also can undertake the role of Registered Certifier, Building Certifier as required by relevant legislation in New South Wales and Queensland.

How We Are Different

Although we do a wide variety of projects, we specialise in large and more complex projects, many of which involve complex Fire Engineering Solutions. Our staff include Unrestricted Grade 1 and Grade 2 Certifiers, with an extensive portfolio of industry experience.

We pride ourselves on integrity and transparency.
Our group has worked exceptionally hard to build trust and responsiveness with our applicants, and other key stakeholders (such as Council, NSW Fair Trading, QBCC, Office of the Building Commissioner, and Fire Brigades), to assist throughout the building approval process.

Benefits of working with our team

Effective Communication

Clear, concise reports & advice. Understandable concepts & quick response to technical queries.

Consistency & Expertise

Our technical skills & experience deliver accurate, qualified assessments of building projects.

Project Delivery

Our good management of the compliance process always delivers a timely project outcome.

Our Team

Our technical building surveying and certification team comprises the following key staff members:



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A certifier’s role is to make an independent assessment to determine if relevant requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 have been met in order to issue a construction certificate, complying development certificate or occupation certificate.

Contact us via phone or email with a set of your approved Development Application (if applicable) and your plans and we will prepare a fee proposal for your consideration.

We answer all your phone and email queries in a timely manner and endeavour to assist you in achieving your post consent certificates as efficiently as possible. We also endeavour to give consistently good service.

Forty-eight hours after you have received your Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate.

Once you have engaged us as your certifier, you will receive a tailored pre-CC or pre-CDC Checklist with items to be completed. Once you have collated all of the information required on the list, you will need to create a CC or CDC application through the NSW Planning Portal, where we, as your certifiers, will download and assess the information provided. Once we have undertaken a BCA/DA Check of all documents and are in a position to issue, the Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate will be issued to you.

We will try our best to help you navigate your portal, however, there are times where you will need to contact the NSW Portal directly, as this is a government website, and they are the experts!